...your expert on all things style. Lifestyle that is. Lacie's passion is providing one-of-a-kind inspiration tailored to life's most intimate and creative moments. Simply put, she makes things beautiful.

POSH by Lacie Powell was born out of a passion for all things chic; fashion, events and home. After over five years of working with the likes of Vogue Magazine, Microsoft and Kelley Moore as Event Manager for The Bellevue Collection, it only made sense for Lacie to combine her three loves to form one fabulous company.

POSH is for the discerning clientele whose crazed "rock star" lifestyle is matched only by the desire for quality and resistance to sacrificing beauty and class just because life gets busy. No matter your wealth or status, time is the one thing money can't buy. But just because you only have so much time doesn't mean you can only have so much beauty...sweet stolen moments with the family by the fire on a chilly winter day, leisurely vacations by the beach catching up on that best-selling novel...you shouldn't have to give up living POSH. Leave all life's little details to us so you can make time for what truly matters.
POSH by Lacie Powell is everything you never knew you always wanted from life.